“… it’s not just about photographing two people, but about photographing this day for those two people”.



My whole approach is condensed in the few words you have just read.

My protagonist is not only you, but the event, the day, made by you, by your loved ones, by the place, by the details… and all these mixed elements will create those scenes that I will photograph and which will form the memory to which you will be able to draw on for years to come.

Photographing a wedding isn’t difficult, but it’s simply dangerous, because since the course of the day is almost always the same, the risk of repeating itself not only exists, but it’s practically a certainty.

My aim therefore is not to photograph a wedding, but to photograph “AT” your wedding, to tell the particularities of all the moments we will live together.

My first marriage dates back to 2005, since then, job after job, I’ve always told the weddings I’ve experienced in naturalness and spontaneity, putting the bride and groom at the center of every photograph….

Only recently have I understood that to achieve a better, more “significant” photograph, what I have always done is not that it was wrong, but simply could not be the point of arrival, but rather my starting point.

I believe that the best way to photograph a wedding is to photograph it as if it weren’t, forgetting about tradition by photographing as freely as possible, leaving your comfort zone and being surprised by those fleeting moments that will make your wedding memory special.

Only in this way will your album be exciting, personal, intimate and absolutely unique.

My real job consists in observing, to find a free, sincere, authentic photograph… The reason why you will entrust me with the documentation of your wedding is precisely this, it is not only for the photographs you expect, but above all for those that you can’t imagine.

The stories within the story.

This is my mood… I am a man, an observer, a photographer, and this is what I do best.